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FoodgleLife Immune


The importance of maintaining a normal body PH level is therefore a critical factor in balancing proper internal terrain to deter cancer, infection, and a host of inflammatory diseases.

FoodgleLife Immune Zeolite is an ancient mineral formed in the depths of the earth, and created by the marriage; earth, air, fire and water. When molten lava from volcanic eruptions meets ocean water in the presence of certain natural gases, it bubbles up and produces a unique empty cage structure that carries a negative charge. This allows it to naturally attract and capture positively charged materials into its cage and keep it there. That is good news because our sourced zeolite has been proven to absorb the toxins in petroleum and its many bi-products like pesticides, synthetic chemicals as well as heavy metals like lead and mercury then draw and capture these toxins into their cage like structure and gently excrete it from the body.

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